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Wood for Good Marketing Summit to put health and wellbeing into practice

timber’s health and wellbeing benefits is the focus for Wood
for Good’s next Marketing Summit on 12 March at CILIP in London.

Lellig, Wood for Good campaign director, said:

“The Summit is
an opportunity to pinpoint how we can position, develop and market timber
products within the health and wellbeing agenda.

“Our previous
summit identified the opportunities and challenges for the timber market, now
it’s time to look at how we get our products up to speed and ideally ‘healthy
material’ certified.”

The Summit will
be in a workshop format with speakers including Christos Michael from
CapitalHolz 100, Colin Wheatley from Medite Smartply and Kevin Underwood from
the British Woodworking Federation. Christos and Colin will be sharing their
experiences of bringing health and wellbeing to the forefront of their
marketing and product development, while Kevin will delve into the results of
BWF’s cradle-to-cradle feasibility study for joinery products.

The discussion
will cover the key issues raised in the previous summit including certification
and the practicalities of doing this, identifying sales channels and ideas on
how to promote products as healthy.

On the morning
of the Summit, a workshop with Wood for Good supporters will take place to
discuss the next six months of the campaign’s activity.

Following both
events, attendees are invited to the Building Centre for the launch of the
annual Wood
Awards plus an
opportunity to view the Forest of Fabrication exhibition.

Book your space
for the Wood for Good Spring Marketing Summit.