Why is Concrete the Most Popular Building Material in the UK?

    Concrete is the most widely used construction material in
    the UK and worldwide. The basic mix of gravel aggregate, sand and water has
    been the building blocks of some of the most impressive constructions
    since the Romans, Egyptians and probably even further back. Anything can be
    built out of concrete; the possibilities are limitless.

    The Benefits of Concrete as a Construction Material

    Concrete has a number of benefits as a construction material

    • The ability to be used to build new-build
    • The ability to be used to imitate traditional
      stone motifs
    • It makes projects easier
    • It is aesthetically pleasing
    • It is safe to use
    • It is functional
    • It is strong

    Why is Concrete So Popular in the UK Construction Industry?

    Concrete is one of the few building materials that actually
    gains strength over time. Not only does it remain high-quality for a long
    period of time, but there is little need for maintenance or reconstruction,
    which is why it is one of the most popular building materials used in the UK

    Concrete has double the lifespan of other building materials

    • Plastics
    • Wood
    • Brick

    The Benefits of Concrete in Construction

    Concrete has been around for hundreds of years and has been
    popular since it was first introduced. The concrete industry is continually
    growing and when you look at the benefits you can see why:

    • It makes buildings more efficient
    • The materials are widely available
    • Concrete allows for absorption and heat
    • Walls and foundations are more durable and
    • It’s cheaper to use
    • It’s easier to maintain
    • The material is fire resistant
    • It’s stronger than other materials against
      natural disasters
    • It has better protection against the weather
    • It helps reduce allergens in the environment
    • It’s rot-resistant

    Is it Expensive?

    The prices of most construction materials are continually
    changing depending on supply and demand. However, concrete continues to be one
    of the best and most cost-efficient building materials available. The price of concrete
    has remained steady even though there have been huge changes in the UK economy
    and changes in demand.

    Construction businesses should consider using more concrete
    in their builds. Before doing so, you need to think about your concrete

    • The grade
    • The finishing costs
    • Surface preparation costs

    These things all need to be thought about so that you avoid unexpected
    expenses during the build.

    Finding concrete suppliers near you can be tricky, especially
    if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. If you can work out exactly how
    much you’ll need beforehand, you’ll be able to look around for some quotes. A
    good place to start is using the concrete calculator on the MixIt website which allows you to calculate
    the cubic area of material needed. They’re London based concrete suppliers so
    could abe an ideal choice if you’re in the area.

    Is Concrete Safe?

    Many people question whether concrete is safe to use on a
    building project and whether it is the best option for them. Concrete is one of
    the safest building materials available. Unlike most other materials, concrete
    does not need fireproofing treatment in order to meet the UK’s fire guidelines.
    It is one of the most long-lasting and strongest materials available, even if hit
    by a man-made or natural disaster.

    There are a number of benefits of using concrete in
    construction. Concrete is both strong and durable and is often more cost-effective
    than other materials. This is why concrete is the most popular building
    material in the UK.