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UK-Based Procurement Company Saves Interserve £10million

pioneering procurement software company Market Dojo has saved international
support, construction and equipment services company, Interserve, £10 million
with the use of its software. Market Dojo provided software which enabled
Interserve to run an eAuction on fire and security services alongside Per
Angusta, which delivered remarkable results.

With a gross revenue of £3.7billion and a workforce of circa 75,000
worldwide, Interserve is a leader in innovative and sustainable outcomes for
its clients and is one of the world’s foremost construction equipment and
services companies.

The team at www.MarketDojo.com were
approached by Interserve representatives at an international procurement event,
here they purchased a single £500 monthly licence with Market Dojo to run an
eAuction on Fire and Security Services.

Following their early success with the tool, Market Dojo, alongside 30
other competitive solutions were invited to a major tender to compete in
providing an enterprise solution that would be easy to adopt at all levels
across the Interserve organisation. Interserve landed on the decision to place
their trust in Market Dojo following the tender and a speedy start-up meant
that the international company saw near-immediate results from the plan
implemented by the MD team, in co-operation with Per Angusta.

Foregoing a traditional “Full-Suite” approach, Interserve instead
elected that the team at Market Dojo would take charge of e-Sourcing and
category planning, with Per Angusta providing Pipeline and Savings tracking

As a result, Interserve now has in excess of 80 active users on Market
Dojo and has saved over £10 million in the first 18 months since using the
procurement software company’s services. Post-implementation, the business has
been able to host a variety of Facilities Management tenders, including
maintenance, public displays and Health & Safety.

The solutions have negated the need for users to
enter information multiple times in more than one place and, due to their
intuitive user interface, very few training or skills materials were needed,
cutting down on wasted time.

Rob Barlow, procurement systems and process manager for Interserve

“Market Dojo, in collaboration with Per Angusta,
has exceeded our expectations, with a strong customer focus, continuous
innovation and proactive communication.  We have already seen a number of
enhancements to both platforms in line with our needs, completing such projects
within a matter of months. We continue to have regular workshops and review
sessions and have already seen numerous success stories across the business.”

Nick Drewe, Co-founder for www.MarketDojo.com commented:

“Interserve is such a fantastic business and we
were ecstatic the results and return on investment were very evident. It has
been great working alongside them. We (alongside Per Angusta) managed to
implement a plan that was highly effective with a quick turnaround. We are
incredibly proud of the results we have seen and truly think they prove how
impactful our service can be.”