TRA reaches out to regional roofers

    A series of
    free regional events for the roofing and housebuilding industries is starting
    this month, focusing on the latest advice on Brexit, the CE marking of
    construction products post-Brexit, and new technical guidance on the
    manufacture of trussed rafters, spandrel and gable panels and related

    suppliers and buyers of trussed rafters and engineered joists can join the
    meetings organised by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) in Leeds (3 October), Coventry (31 October) and
    Swindon (21 November).

    Nick Boulton,
    chief executive of the TRA says:

    “There are
    major developments happening in the sector this autumn and it is important to
    communicate that to the industry. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31
    October or any future date, then manufacturers also need to be aware that
    certain changes will be legally necessary in the CE marking of construction
    products including trussed rafters and metal web joists.

    holding these events around the country, we hope to update everyone on how to
    deal with these changes, as well as on TRA activities and how we can help add
    value to trussed rafter and metal web joists sales. It is also a great
    opportunity to network with others in the industry and to learn from them too.”

    The events
    will include information on the TRA’s latest technical guidance and
    publications, including its guides on gable panels and
    spandrel panels.

    The meetings
    are open to all businesses in the sector, including members and non-members of
    the TRA. To find out more about the TRA and the regional events go to:

    TRA Regional Events 2019