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Tips on Hiring a Scissor Lift

As with any hire of equipment, there are many little details that can make
all the difference in making your experience the best one possible.

Scissor lifts are suited to situations where a straight vertical lift is
desired. You will definitely benefit from a scissor lift over, say, a ladder in
a wide range of situations. Speedy, cost-effective and safe, scissor lifts
add an extra dimension to many jobs. There are a wide range of
models on the market with specific features that may or may not enhance your

Desired Features

Narrower units – these can be particularly useful when working in
confined spaces.

4 x 4 units – when jobs require work on uneven and hazardous
terrain, a 4 x 4 scissor lift will be a lifesaver.

Units with non-marking tyres – when working indoors on floors that
will show marks, non-marking tyres are an absolute must.

Alternative Power Choices – The choice of which power source will
run your scissor lift is arguably the most important one. Often you may be
confronted with a lack of choice when it comes to choosing between
diesel-powered, electric, petrol and duel fuel scissor lifts according to what
is and is not in stock. However, there are some key environmentally determined
factors that could mean that you really need one or another power source. If
working indoors, diesel will likely be prohibited and an electric model is by
far the best choice – as it is in low emission areas. And yet there are many
situations when diesel is preferred. If you have a lot of other diesel
equipment on site (which is likely) it is far more convenient to fill it up at
the same time. Diesel engines also usually outlast petrol engines and are
actually better suited to the sort of work cycle that scissor lifts demands, as
well as being up to 15-20% more efficient on rough terrain.

Anti-slip – Any scissor lift worth
its salt will be fitted with a safe, slip-resistant platform and extensions. In
addition it is worth double checking that the model has joystick drive and
steering controls for easy manoeuvrability.

Check equipment standards and condition

As in any business it pays to inspect condition and check for the compliance
of the model with health and safety guidance before signing on the dotted line.
There is no worse feeling than having work come to a standstill because of
faulty or inadequate equipment. A little prior research can save you a BIG
headache in the long run. It is also highly advisable to check with your
insurance company that your liability insurance covers staff while operating
the equipment.

Finally, make sure that when you have chosen and hired your scissor lift
that it is left in the hands of someone that is correctly trained in how to
assemble, move, inspect, maintain and use the lift to mitigate against
accidents in the workplace. Keep all this in mind and your hire experience will
be a good one.