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The Future of Liverpool Waters

Liverpool Waters is an ambitious 30-year vision costing in
the region of £5.5 billion, aiming to redefine Liverpool’s iconic docklands
into a world-class district in its own right. Stretched
across 2 million square metres of land, this momentous regeneration
scheme has bold plans to completely transform this waterfront into a mixed-use
destination complete with high-quality office space and state of the art
residential apartments, as well as creating a seamless extension of Liverpool’s
city centre.

The Peel Group,
awarded Responsible Business of the Year, are spearheading the Liverpool Waters
regeneration with a 30-year time slot dedicated to completing the development.
Redeveloping a total of 1.2 million square metres of property, 53,000 square
metres of hotel and conference facilities, a new cruise liner terminal, plus
15,000 hectares of land and water is by no means an easy feat. Therefore, it is
no surprise this project has been coined
the largest and most ambitious in the whole of the UK.

Darran Lawless, development director at Liverpool Waters said,

“This really is a landmark time for the Liverpool
Waters project. Following a decade of meticulous planning, we are now firmly in
the delivery phase of this project, and I am excited to see these plans take

The aim of Liverpool
Waters project is an ambitious one, but one that will expand the city centre as
well as creating jobs and bringing economic benefits to not only North Liverpool, but the region as a whole.”

There is a multitude
of prolific developments that are well underway and progressing at a rapid
pace. One of the most significant purposes of this extensive regeneration is
not only to transform the city into a mixed-use destination
but also offer new employment opportunities, a nicer place to live, and a more
innovative place to do business, not to mention the investment prospects that
are strong and profitable.

Liverpool has a distinguished and glorified history, and the transformation of the waterfront is
no different. The city celebrates its plentiful maritime heritage which stems
from its focus as a world trading port. Innovative technologies and an
abundance of developments in the Liverpool Waters vision has solidified the
city and its trading terminal as one of the best in the world.

Home to a major port, Liverpool Waters aims to sustain a
positive future built on a successful past, aspiring to not only cater for
professionals and tourists but a whole range of demographics that wish to use
the superior facilities and amenities that are scheduled to complete in this
pocket of the city.

First class residential accommodation will be a huge part of
the new and improved Liverpool Docklands, as a total of five distinct
neighbourhoods will join Liverpool’s existing property portfolio. Investing in
Liverpool’s waterfront will provide a fruitful opportunity to produce high
returns in an in-demand location as well as playing a crucial role in raising
the city’s profile as an investment hotspot. Each development created will
undoubtedly offer tenants a superior lifestyle, with the perks of living near
the bustle of the city centre. If you’re interested in investing in rental
properties, then the Liverpool waterfront is the perfect spot for high yields
and positive growth. RW
Invest, property investment specialists, have investment properties in
proximity to this location and offer guidance to help you purchase your first
buy to let property.

Liverpool has long been regarded as a vibrant city,
attracting tourists from all over the globe to its plethora of attractions., however
over recent years, the city has emerged as one of the leading destinations for property investment.
High rental yields and strong house growth predictions are great news for both
investors concentrating on maximising their income, and the local economy that
thrives from increased investment. Liverpool waters is unquestionably setting the bar high for redevelopments of major
cities across the UK and is an exciting time that is changing the face of