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The Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor for your Business

Have you ever been at your place
of work, looked around, listened to the multiple sounds and observed the
varying activities in the workplace and wondered how to create a degree of
separation, how to maximise productivity and employee satisfaction?

Well, perhaps a mezzanine floor
could be the answer to your problems. In order to entertain the possibility you
will need an area with around 5 metres head height and you can begin to look into the idea
of a mezzanine floor.

Firstly, let’s take a minute to
explain just what a mezzanine floor actually is. A mezzanine floor sits in-between the principal floors of a
building and is therefore, not counted among the overall number of floors of
the building itself, mezzanines usually have low floors and protrude rather
like a balcony.

From a purely financial point of
view, mezzanine floors are great as they usually avoid the need for
time-consuming planning permission applications and in addition to this as the
mezzanine floor is freestanding and can be dismounted and relocated (another
advantage) it is exempt from business rates, making mezzanine floors a great
way to expand without adding to the rates bill. Another financial benefit of
the mezzanine floor option is that they are inexpensive to install. You could
be looking at as little as £75 per square metre.

If you have reached that awkward
stage in your business, like so many do, when you need extra space but cannot
justify the costs associated with relocation or more significant expansion,
then a mezzanine floor could be just the ticket. You can create extra space,
more workstations and allow for more separation of distinct tasks to increase
contentment in the workplace and productivity. You may even prevent the sort of
accidents that lead to damaged equipment or injuries. In any workplace the
ideal scenario involves distinct work spaces for distinct job types. Having
noisy production related jobs share a space with office work can lead to stress,
arguments and reduced productivity. Having a mezzanine floor affords the
opportunity to create more office space and allow for some quiet places on the

Mezzanine flooring benefits from
being very robust and allows for great weight per square metre ratios which
means heavy and bulky equipment or inventory can be stored. There are also a
tremendous variety of purpose-built mezzanine racking systems which can truly
transform your mezzanine floor into a storage heaven. This can have a knock on
benefit on your cost-effectiveness when ordering expendables as you can benefit
from bulk discounts as you are able to store more. Mezzanine floors are not
only removable as mentioned, but highly open to customization, allowing for a
flexibility of space that is hard to come by in traditional extensions. This
means that you can modify your mezzanine in months and years to come and even
look into expansion or simply change things around as your needs evolve.
Mezzanine floors are, as you have seen an excellent, adaptable, cost-saving
expansion option that can really help your business to grow without excessive