Structural waterproofing qualification reaches international audience

    waterproofing professionals from Australia tapped into expert training and
    development expertise in the UK, under an intensive learning programme.

    delegates from the east coast of Australia – who currently provide underground
    waterproofing services – undertook the Property Care Association’s training
    programme to sharpen and then test their knowledge in this highly technical
    aspect of construction.

    highly focused specialists then submitted themselves for testing in an attempt
    to attain the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW)

    member Newton Waterproofing Systems organised the training, which was hosted at
    their training facility in Kent. The training also included another six
    professionals from the UK, including two of their own employees, for the
    intensive five-day event.

    Berry, Technical Manager at the PCA, said: “We were delighted to see the
    delegates come over from Australia to take part in the programme.

    is a testimony to the value of the training and rigour of examination that the
    CSSW qualification has been recognised internationally.

    of geography, the knowledge and qualification is relevant internationally, and
    we expect further take-up from overseas as the demand to achieve the best
    solutions for underground works increases globally.”

    be successful in achieving the CSSW qualification, delegates should have prior
    expertise in the construction and waterproofing industry.

    qualify after sitting and passing four and a half hours of written examination
    papers set by independent examiners.

    is complemented by a professional interview that must also be passed before the
    CSSW qualification can be awarded.

    Berry added: “The complexity and demands of structural waterproofing make it a
    very challenging, technical environment in which to operate and, over the
    years, the PCA has built-up an active development programme to support the
    industry and develop a culture of best practice.

    our training and qualifications have evolved, signposting architects,
    specifiers and property owners to professionals in the sector, who are able to
    offer support in this complex, highly-skilled aspect of construction.”

    well as an established training and development programme and related industry
    qualification, the PCA also provides a searchable register of Waterproofing
    Design Specialists and a range of free technical documents including codes of
    practice and best practice guidance. 

    association also holds an annual international structural waterproofing
    conference, designed to help professionals, both members and non-members alike,
    stay up to date with the latest industry developments.