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Specialist contractor Aarsleff expands its ground engineering operations

Ground Engineering has expanded its portfolio of specialist retaining wall
solutions to now offer VDW, Secant and Contiguous pile walls. The expansion
into new techniques, alongside the investment of a new rig, will allow the
company to take on more challenging work and enter into previously untapped markets.

announcement of their new offerings also comes with the arrival of their latest
investment – an ABI TM17 rig, a high-performance telescopic leader rig for
drilling and piling applications. With the ABI VV latest technology and
high-performance auger attachments, the TM17 maximises performance whilst using
considerably less fuel than previous models. Furthermore, from an operator’s
perspective, the TM17 is fitted with safety cameras and total monitoring
equipment to make manoeuvring, driving and all techniques much safer and more

Aarsleff’s Head of Specialist Retaining Walls John Storry said
It is certainly an exciting time for
Aarsleff Ground Engineering, as we look ahead to future schemes delivering our
new improved portfolio of techniques.”

Aarsleff’s Operations Manager Steve Gilbank said, “We’re in such a great position to deliver
our new capabilities. Backed by the knowledge and expertise from our Danish
parent company Per Aarsleff A/S, we’re ready to kickstart the new year by
offering contiguous walls, secant pile walls, sheet piled walls, king post
walls and VDW Drilling to our valued clients across the UK.”

Aarsleff Ground Engineering offer an extensive range of
retaining wall solutions for all schemes, from everyday projects to complex
slope stabilisation solutions. All of their retaining wall solutions are
designed and engineered completely in-house utilising different installation
methods depending on the soil conditions, environmental constraints and are
assessed on technical merit of each situation.

For more information about
Aarsleff Ground Engineering, and their Specialist Retaining Wall solutions
contact the company on 01636 611140 or email info@aarsleff.co.uk