• North
      West construction businesses working on the Paddington Village development
      join forces to buck the national skills shortage trend
    • Young
      people challenged to come up with solutions to attract others into
      construction sector
    • Award-winning
      programme helping to bridge the ‘skills gap’ for the region’s employers

    A consortium consisting of
    leading construction businesses Morgan Sindall Construction, Curtins,
    Faithful+Gould, Ryder Architecture and Regenda Group is collaborating with
    Agent Academy CIC to create new employment opportunities for young people
    across Liverpool City Region.

    five years’ experience of securing jobs for young people in the creative and
    digital sector, creating £2.5 million in annual salaries, Agent Academy will
    work with the consortium to understand what can be done to encourage more young
    people to consider careers in construction. 

    the three-month project a group of 12 young people will be challenged with
    finding solutions to the construction sector skills shortage. They will learn
    from experts in both built environment and marketing, engage in research with
    other young people from diverse social backgrounds and use the insights they
    gain to come up with answers to their unique challenge.

    Agent Academy programme is underpinned with a client challenge enabling the
    young people to put their learning into practice. During this programme, the programme
    participants will meet with over 40 city leaders as well as hundreds of other
    young people to bring about their client recommendations. 

    CITB research shows that there is significant room for
    improvement regarding young people’s perception of the construction
    industry as a career option, with it scoring 4.2 out of 10 among 14 to 19
    year olds. The research showed that young people’s understanding of what a
    career in the construction industry entails is based on outdated stereotypes
    and differs greatly from the reality.

    Patterson, senior business development manager at Morgan Sindall Construction
    in the North West, said:

    regularly visit local schools and run jobs fairs, and often find that many
    young people are completely unaware of the great variety of career
    opportunities available in the sector. As an industry, it’s our
    responsibility to demonstrate the wide variety of fulfilling roles that
    construction has to offer.

    order to make construction more sustainable for the future and to boost
    employment opportunities in the communities in which we work, it’s critical
    that we demonstrate the great number of careers available to all young people
    and attract a more diverse workforce in to the sector. 

    work we are undertaking with Agent Academy enables us to take a completely
    fresh approach to this complex issue by having young people engage with their
    peers to consider solutions on how to best promote the many fantastic careers
    that our industry has to offer.”

    Wallace, director at Agent Academy, said:

    Academy has a track record tackling the talent challenge faced by the creative
    and digital industry by giving young people the opportunity to upskill and then
    kick-start their careers. We hope that this experience together with the
    insight from our students will give a fresh perspective to how the construction
    sector can tackle talent issues. 

    young people on this programme will come up with the answers that many
    construction industry businesses are looking for. 95% of the young people
    we work with gain full-time industry employment after completing the programme
    so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

    have a lot to look forward to, despite the skills challenges faced by our
    region’s employers there are so many opportunities and by coming up with new
    ways to engage the regions young people and motivate them we can make sure they
    are ready to take on the careers of the future.”

    Ged McNicholl, regional
    director, Faithful+Gould, added:

    “The opportunities in the
    construction industry are vast. Diversity in the industry is a challenge, but
    through the research from this project we are determined to change this to make
    a career in the construction industry appealing to all.  

    “We are all taking a
    collaborative and forward-looking approach to solving the challenges faced by
    the sector and I believe the next generation can play a big part in this,
    particularly when it comes to bringing new technology and more digital ways of
    working into the industry.”