Poll reveals alarming lack of fire door knowledge across trades

    Despite reporting a growth in demand for
    fire safety products and devices in the last year, a new poll by online
    ironmongery supplier IronmongeryDirect has revealed that over half (54%)
    of tradespeople do not know how to check that a fire door is operating
    correctly and complies with regulations.

    Big fire in the office building

    The poll also found that 84% of
    respondents don’t believe there is enough fire door safety information readily
    available to tradespeople, despite extensive media coverage about the dangers
    of inadequate fire protection following the Grenfell disaster in 2017.

    The results are published in support of
    the seventh annual Fire Door Safety Week (23 September – 29 September), which
    aims to highlight the importance of fire doors and increase good fire safety
    practice across the trade industries.

    The online poll follows a national
    survey of 2,000 adults which was carried out by IronmongeryDirect. The
    results show a disturbing lack of general awareness on the life-saving role
    that fire doors play, with almost six in ten (59%) of the general public
    admitting they do not know how to identify a fire door.

    Ian Moore, CEO at the Fire Industry
    Association, said: “Fire door-sets are a critical fire safety measure,
    designed, tested, manufactured and third party certified to exacting
    standards.  For that reason, they need to be maintained in line with the
    door-set manufacturer’s instructions with the correct replacement parts.“

    The research emphasises the need for
    tradespeople and the wider public to be more aware of the essential role that
    fire doors play in keeping them safe. Fire doors are designed to withstand fire
    for between 30 and 240 minutes and, when maintained correctly, they can make a
    remarkable difference in saving lives and reducing spread during a fire.

    Managing Director of IronmongeryDirect, Wayne Lysaght-Mason, commented:
    “We are pleased to see an increase in the sale of fire safety products across
    the industry. However, it is worrying that a large proportion of tradespeople
    still seem to lack basic fire door safety knowledge.

    “A well installed and maintained fire
    door can really be the difference between life and death for building
    occupants. We urge all tradespeople to use our new online fire door checklist
    to help assess whether fire doors they are responsible for are safe and legally

    For more guidance,view IronmongeryDirect’s Fire Door Checklist: ironmongerydirect.co.uk/fire-door-checklist