Pasquill invests over £6.7million

    Pasquill, one of the
    UK’s leading supplier of roof trusses, has invested over £6.7million in its
    manufacturing plants and design centres over the last five years.

    This year £2.5million has
    been invested in equipment, technology and infrastructure as part of a
    long-term strategy to improve performance, sustainability and efficiency.

    Most notably, Pasquill’s
    site in Chorley, Lancashire, is currently undergoing a multi-million-pound
    redevelopment, delivered via a five-phase plan that will cement its position as
    the leading roof truss manufacturer in the north west.

    The infrastructure works
    began in November 2018, and Phases one to three will be completed by the end of
    November 2019. Included in the three phases are the refurbishment of the
    cassette and spandrel production buildings, the sawmill building and welfare
    facilities on site, allowing Pasquill Chorley to increase its capacity by
    approximately 50%.

    Meanwhile, Pasquill’s
    Bodmin site in Cornwall has received an investment of over £200k, which allows
    for additional storage and yard space, plus a doubling of metalwork room space.
    The site has also received state-of-the-art equipment, including an AV Birch
    Uni-roll Posi press machine which will increase output by around 40% and
    support the increase in demand for its customers.

    The equipment replacement
    programme also continues with over £200k investment for two new semi-automated
    EC800 single blade saws at Pasquill’s Stoney Stanton and Chorley factories.

    Gabriel Prior, Continuous
    Improvement Director for the OSS Division, said: “We are continuously investing
    in all our sites across the UK to ensure they are running efficiently and
    performing at the cutting edge. These investments will allow us to design and
    manufacture quality products more efficiently, giving our teams the tools to
    bring our clients’ visions to life.”