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National winners of ‘Most Considerate Site 2019’ revealed

Constructors Scheme recognises highest-performing construction sites with top

United Kingdom and Ireland, 15
April 2019:
The winners of the best performing
construction sites across the UK and Ireland have been crowned with the
industry’s highest accolade of ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme, Most
Considerate Site 2019’ at ceremonies across the country.

The 2019 winners of this
prestigious title are:

  • Carlisle Gas Holder Demolition
    Project – Northern Gas Networks (project value under £500k)
  • Columbia
    Threadneedle Property Investments – Overbury plc (project value £500k to
  • Camden FRA Works – Mulalley (project value £1m to <£5m)
  • University
    Centre, Rotherham – Willmott Dixon Construction (project value £5m to
  • Woodmansterne Secondary School
    – Willmott Dixon Construction (project value £10m to <£50m)
  • One
    Blackfriars – St George City Ltd (project value £50m and

The glamorous awards
ceremonies welcomed thousands of guests and took place at iconic venues in
Edinburgh, London and Manchester from 25 March – 12 April.

The Considerate Constructors
Scheme National Site Awards recognise the highest-performing construction sites
against the Scheme’s Code
of Considerate Practice which monitors how considerate the site is being
towards their local community, environment and workforce.

This year’s awards were for
registered sites that completed in 2018. Sites were eligible to win the ‘Most
Considerate Site’ within the following six ‘project value bands’: Under £500k;
£500k to <£1m; £1m to <£5m; £5m to <£10m; £10m to <£50m; and £50m and over.

The Scheme presented only 764
National Site Awards from a total of over 6700 eligible sites. In addition to
the six Most Considerate Site Award winners, there were 336 Bronze, 252 Silver
and 152 Gold, as well as 18 Most Considerate Site Runners-Up.

For the second year running, Ultra Sites, the
Scheme’s highest attainment of registration, were also recognised for their
outstanding commitment in collaborating with their supply chains, during the
awards ceremonies. The highest performing Ultra Sites and their supply chain
partners will receive recognition and a separate awards ceremony held in July.

Considerate Constructors
Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said: “Congratulations to all the 2019
National Site Award winners. Each award winning site should be extremely proud
of receiving this prestigious industry accolade, which recognises their
invaluable contribution to improving the image of construction.

“Special congratulations must
go to the highest performing construction sites winning the coveted title of
‘Most Considerate Site 2019’, which represent the very best of the construction
industry in how they have raised their standards of considerate construction to
the highest levels.

“Year-on-year, the Scheme
places a higher level of expectation for the 7000 plus construction sites
typically registered with the Scheme at any time.  We work with sites to
push the boundaries of what is achievable and this year’s accomplishments by
sites have certainly not disappointed, with over 764 sites receiving National
Site Award recognition.

“We are always amazed by the
increasing levels of performance on site across the country, and we look
forward to performance continuing to increase through next year and beyond.”

All award winners are
available to view on the Construction Map here.