Luxury housing development gets tech boost

    The delivery of
    a £50m+ luxury housing development is benefiting from new software that has
    increased site productivity and improved quality.

    The high
    specification Holburne Park development, located in Bath, combines quality
    craftmanship with local stone and natural materials to complement the city’s
    renowned architecture.

    To meet this
    ambition, careful planning and consistent communication between teams and
    individuals was required. As the project entered phase two, contractor Bect
    Building Contractors invested in new software, Procore.

    Procore is a
    cloud-based solution that is simple to use, can be used by anyone on and off
    site and is easily accessible on mobile devices.

    Bect made the
    decision to change software following a number of trials with various software
    platforms. Nathan Holmes, commercial and finance director at Bect, said: “Using
    software can improve how a building comes together but you need the right tools
    for the job.

    working and providing feedback for clients are essential to getting a project
    right. We also need to be mindful of being safe, productive and on budget. It’s
    a balancing act that we manage but using Procore makes it easier and more

    platform includes a project management tool which keeps drawings, snag lists,
    photos, submittals and other key documents in one place. Bect also opted for
    the quality and safety tool to help mitigate risk via reporting dashboards that
    use real-time data to allow action to be taken as soon as the issue is

    James Coombs,
    Bect managing director, said: “We are fortunate to be going through planned
    growth in the current climate. Despite a healthy workbook, we know we can’t be
    complacent so look to new ways to innovate that will benefit our clients.

    “The great
    thing is, we can use the software for any project, no matter the size.”

    unlimited user licence allows Bect to share full access to the platform with
    other teams on a project at no additional cost. This means everyone can view
    and contribute to real-time data and the most current drawings.

    In addition to
    the Holburne Park project, Bect is using the software for four smaller projects
    and plans to use it on an upcoming luxury leisure development in Cardiff.