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    Kubota launches next-generation R070 and R090 wheel loaders

    Kubota launches
    next-generation R070 and R090 wheel loaders

    New machines offer ease and efficiency, without compromising power

    Kubota, a leading manufacturer
    of construction and agricultural machinery, today announces the launch of its
    next-generation wheel loaders, the R070 and R090. The new machines are suitable
    for use in construction, agricultural and groundcare environments.

    inside and out, the new machines are built to get the job done quickly, easily
    and efficiently. Both the R070 and R090 wheel loaders boast a fully enclosed
    glass cabin for improved visibility, as well as a more ergonomic control
    layout. New features include:

    • High visibility cabin  –   Enlarged glass surface
    • Full opening right window –   Air conditioning (optional)
    • New loader boom design  –   Adjustable right wrist rest
    • Digital display  –   Large foot space
    • Full suspension seat  –   Tiltable steering wheel

    Long reach and
    excellent lifting power ensures superior performance for a wide range of loader
    tasks. Both machines have a high lifting capacity (R070: 1880 kgf, R090: 2160
    kgf), enabling operators to smoothly manoeuvre materials. All major loader
    functions are on a single RH lever that is easy to operate with just one hand,
    both on the R070 and R090. The 2-step speed control switch enables the operator
    to quickly change speeds for optimum efficiency.

    Kubota’s V2607
    direct-injection engine is now fully Stage-V compliant and fuel efficient.
    Additionally, the new and improved DPF reduces maintenance by increasing the
    service intervals.

    Glen Hampson, Business Development Manager for
    Construction at Kubota UK, said “We’re really proud to introduce our new and
    improved wheel loading machines. Both the R070 and R090 are built for enhanced
    performance, with productivity features and power to spare. They’re also built
    for safe and simple operation, even by operators with no loader experience.”

    “We know our customers want versatile,
    reliable, low maintenance machines, which is why the R070 and R090 are designed
    to meet Kubota’s exacting standards of quality and performance. The wheel
    loaders are designed to be easy to maintain, with areas that require routine
    maintenance easily accessible for fast and straight forward servicing.”
    , added Rob Edwards,
    Business Development Manager for Agriculture at Kubota UK.