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Industry reactive: the steel industry could make 24,000 workers redundant

the news that the steel industry in the UK needs to find a £30m cash injection
or it’s likely to face administration, potentially affecting 24,000 jobs
through Scunthorpe steelworks and its supply chain, Dilusha Hettiralalage,
Consumer Savings Expert at www.Codes.co.uk, commented:

issues with the steel industry have been well documented since 2017 and in all
honesty it’s done well to continue on for as long as it has. It’s a significant
part of UK heritage and industrialisation, and it’s hard to imagine a UK
without British Steel, but right now we need to be thinking about the 24,000
workers who could be left jobless if the second-largest steel producer in the
UK is to close its doors.

hearts are with those right now in limbo, unsure of what is happening and if
they will have a job by the end of the week. Whether they’re single, married,
have children or don’t, it’s never ideal to lose your job – especially ahead of
the summer holidays, a notoriously expensive time of the year. One must also
appreciate the fact that many steel workers have been operating in the industry
since leaving school as teenagers, and have built up a very specific and niche
set of skills that aren’t transferable to many other job roles if they are made

has already been injected into British Steel from shareholder Greybull Capital,
so whilst things are looking positive, will this be the last time that the
industry faces this issue and jobs are put on the line? It’s doubtful. We
wouldn’t recommend everyone jumps ship if the company is able to be saved this
week, but maybe it’s time for workers to consider branching out and learning a
new trade or transferable skills so that they are as employable as possible,
should they find themselves without a job.”