Housebuilders to benefit from new trussed rafter buyers’ guide

    will benefit from a new guide that tells them all they need to know about
    trussed rafters, from delivery to site through to safe installation.

    by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), ‘The Buyers’ Guide to Trussed Rafters’
    is relevant to both designers and onsite trades.

    is a timely publication with the industry focusing on Modern Methods of
    Construction (MMC). Trussed rafters can play a significant role in making
    housebuilding more efficient as they offer a much faster and easier method of
    completing roofs.

    Boulton, TRA chief executive, said:

    buyers’ guide is there to aid our members when it comes to explaining all theintricacies of trussed rafters. There is a lot to take onboard as they are
    a versatile product with many options. With the focus on MMC, trusses are the
    ideal candidate for forward-thinking roofing companies, due to their
    flexibility and speed of installation on site.”

    take our collaboration with the designers and installers of our member’s
    products very seriously and are committed to offering guidance to increase
    quality and accuracy wherever possible. We hope this guide will help members to
    reach out to a wider audience and keep trussed rafters as the go to roofing

    guide outlines the difference in responsibilities between building designers
    and trussed rafter designers. Explaining the various roofscapes and room in the
    roof layouts which can be achieved as well as providing wind loading
    information for both Ireland and the UK.

    the guide there are technical drawings and 3D renders showing safe and
    compliant trusses at various stages of the design and installation process.

    on site, the guide provides useful tips on how to safely store the trusses and
    how to correctly brace them. An essential construction checklist is provided to
    assist contractors and site staff responsible for installation. Information to
    assist with site certification for Ireland can also be found in the guide.

    further information or to get a copy of the guide please visit the TRA website.