HLM Completes Powell Hall Student Accommodation at The University of St Andrews

    design and architecture practice, HLM, recently completed the delivery of the
    new Powell Hall student accommodation within The University of St Andrews North
    Haugh Campus.  

    after the American professional golfer Renee Powell, the new hall provides 205
    modern student bedrooms alongside high quality interactive social and common
    spaces. Inspired by the courtyard blocks of the existing hall, the three-sided
    u-shaped scheme creates a new central quad at the heart of the project.

    colour palette and finishes reflect and enhance the aesthetic of the building;
    elevations bounding the site incorporate light buff solid masonry and light
    grey polished concrete cladding panels.  The social, study and common spaces throughout
    the building are located in prominent positions which, alongside zinc detailing
    help, activate and animate the façade. 
    The angled window pods offer views out to the landscape northwards; a
    small nod to the A-listed Andrew Melville Hall to the west by James Stirling.

    double-height space to the west of the building provides social and common
    space close to the existing hall and a prominent active ground floor frontage
    to the new annexe.  Students are drawn through
    these spaces upon entering the building along the route to the main vertical
    circulation cores as a means of encouraging interaction and engagement between

    Commenting on the development, HLM Associate Ross
    Barrett said: “Powell Hall is designed to have a wide
    array of common spaces to foster communication and reflect the University’s
    mission of interdisciplinary collaboration. These interactions are key in
    connecting students, and in turn, creating a sense of community in each hall,
    enhancing the student experience and fostering academic and personal growth.”

    The development also incorporates newly formed
    parking, drop-off areas and an entrance plaza to create a high-quality arrival

    Powell Hall development is part of the largest single expansion of student
    bedrooms in St Andrews for over a decade. HLM worked closely with Campus Living Villages and The University of St
    Andrews to design, develop and deliver over 400 new bedrooms in total across
    two new buildings within two years of being appointed.