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Civil engineering and groundworks contractor,
Galtec Ltd, has upgraded its digital capabilities by investing over half a
million pounds in more than twenty new pieces of Trimble technology from SITECH
UK & Ireland, the exclusive dealer for Trimble technologies in the region,
to increase the productivity and efficiency of its operations.

The deal for the new equipment includes a
full range of Trimble technology solutions, including Trimble GNSS Rovers &
Robotic Total Stations, 3D modelling & Take off software packages, along
with the latest in 3D Trimble EarthWorks Machine Control systems.

Galtec, a small to medium contractor whose projects include laying the foundations
for housing estates, roads and sewers, first began working with SITECH UK & Ireland 18 months ago.
After investigating the potential benefits of GPS technology, Galtec initially
invested in the newly released Trimble EarthWorks 3D machine control system
along with a SPS855 Modular base station and SPS986 GNSS Rover.

Prior to this, Galtec did not utilise
any GPS technology but the company’s Managing Director, Thomas Rayer, was so impressed with the performance of the technology and
the return on investment it provided, he decided to learn more about the
potential benefits additional Trimble software and hardware could provide.

SITECH invited Galtec along to the 2018 Trimble Dimensions Conference in
Las Vegas, which allows visitors to learn about the latest Trimble technology
solutions, as well as providing the opportunity to collaborate and network with
peers. The Trimble range of solutions
connects people, machines and projects to deliver real-time data, offering
enhanced information about site conditions and asset utilisation, resulting in
improved productivity. What’s more, Trimble’s mix of hardware, software and
mobility solutions streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the
construction lifecycle – a proposition that Galtec found extremely desirable.

Tom Rayer, said: “After investing in our first piece of site technology
18 months ago, we’re really excited to see how a full technology package can
benefit our business. We’ve fully committed to creating a connected site, with
everything from software to machine control, allowing us to build a full
picture of our operations and drive efficiency improvements that will
demonstrate real value for both ourselves and our customers.

“One of the highlights of using Trimble technology was the opportunity
that SITECH gave me to join them at Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas. The event
gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest Trimble solutions, as
well as giving me all the information I needed to ensure that I was making the
correct decision for my business.”

Carl Parsons, Regional Sales Manager for SITECH UK & Ireland, added: “When it comes to the
future of construction, modern, integrated systems are required to leverage the
vast amount of data generated by projects to achieve major improvements to
efficiency. We’re on a continuous quest to increase efficiency to drive the
future of digital construction and transform the industry to maximise
productivity and return on investment.

“That’s why we offer digital solutions
to optimise concept, design, scheduling and project management, and rugged,
field-proven hardware to execute the project. Together, these solutions
constitute an ecosystem that facilitates and optimises processes in all phases
of a project, which Galtec found ideal for its operations.”

To find out more about SITECH UK & Ireland’s range of Trimble
technology, please visit https://www.sitechukandireland.com