Excellence in ironmongery showcased in GAI Yearbook

    new publication containing the latest door hardware advice for
    architects and specifiers and showcasing best practice internationally has been
    launched by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). 

    GAI Yearbook contains architectural ironmongery and technical standards advice
    and has been created to recognise the importance of the professional
    partnership between architects and architectural ironmongers. 

    is guidance for sourcing door and window hardware
    professionals, including a list of all Registered Architectural
    Ironmongers (RegAI) who can help put together a?compliant and robust
    hardware schedule.? 

    Corkhill, director of the GAI, says:

    it comes to architectural ironmongery, even the smallest error can impact the
    performance of the door, the fire integrity and flow of the building. It’s a
    complex industry and a hard subject to master, so we hope that
    this publication will encourage architects to use a RegAI on all
    future projects.”

    RegAIs are fully
    qualified?architectural ironmongery professionals who have completed their
    GAI Diploma and have committed to maintaining a high level of knowledge,
    keeping?fully?up-to-date with the latest?legislation, industry standards
    and?products through the GAI’s CPD programme.

    the Yearbook, Jonathan Hall, director of architectural
    practice AHMM, has given an exclusive interview talking
    about AHMM’s projects and award wins, architectural
    ironmongery and the specification process. Jonathan also was also
    a judge for this year’s Architectural Ironmongery Specification
    Awards, organised by the?GAI?in association with the?Royal Institute
    of British Architects (RIBA).

    The GAI Yearbook showcases
    the winning projects of the Architectural
    Ironmongery Specification Awards from the UK and
    internationally, giving an overview of each project and the
    ironmongery specification. It also includes
    a comprehensive update on ironmongery standards from
    GAI technical manager, Douglas Masterson.   

    If you would like
    a free copy of the 2019 Yearbook, please contact info@gai.org.uk