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Construction gets a tech boost

and quality in construction get a boost as cloud-based software company, Procore
expands its presence in the UK and Ireland.

established in California, celebrates its one-year anniversary at its London
base as it secures its newest customer, pioneering building system provider, Project
Project Etopia is one of a number of leading contractors that have turned to
Procore to streamline their building process in the past twelve months.

Daniels, founder of modular developer Project Etopia, said:

build system is all about speed and technology so we needed a project
management platform that could keep up and prove as adaptable as the system
itself. None of the alternatives appeared to be able to live up to the variety
of demands we wanted to place on it. 

our pipeline of projects expands, Procore will allow us to maintain good
visibility over all elements of our schemes, across multiple sites and in real
time, from tendering right through to on-site coordination of

solutions could do elements of this, but it wasn’t all in one place and we were
impressed with how easily key metrics were displayed and how easily delays
could be identified.”

Olivieri O’Connor, Procore’s director of UK and Ireland, said:

first started working with our UK and Ireland customers four years ago and as
demand increased, it became obvious that we needed to be local to service our

customer numbers exceed 100, our staff numbers in the UK have also risen from 8
to 24 since arriving here. This has allowed us to increase our support for our
customer base by recruiting local construction industry experts to the team.”

Procore is a platform that consists of a number of products that
users can choose from based on their needs. Products include Tender Management,
BIM, Design Coordination, Project Management, Quality and Safety and Project
Financials, spanning pre-construction to project handover. Procore’s
open API architecture and App Marketplace features more than 150 best in class
construction technology tools. This makes it simple to integrate other software
into an extensible platform unique to each business.

platform is easy to use and fully mobile, putting the power back into the hands
of the worker and connecting the construction site to the office. The unlimited
user licence model means it can be shared with the entire project team, from
clients and professional teams, to sub-contractors. This comes at no additional
cost allowing everyone working on the project to collaborate in real-time.

demonstrate how this technology puts people at the forefront, Procore teamed up
with The B1M to produce a short documentary ‘Step inside the Connected Construction
Site’. The
film had a live screening with a panel featuring Procore’s president, Steve
Zahm, Procore customer Rob Frank from BW Workplace, and digital transformation
expert, Vickie Stevenson, from Osborne Construction.

has had a busy autumn so
far with a presence at leading construction trade
shows UK Construction Week and Digital
Construction Week. At the events, attendees have seen live demos of the platform and put questions to the
Procore team. At UK Construction Week, Procore’s head of marketing in the UK
and Ireland, Ben Douglass, shared Procore’s approach
and how it differentiates itself in the market. Procore’s senior product
manager, Dave McCool, took part in a
panel discussion about changing business models and improving
productivity in the built environment on the main stage at Digital Construction Week. 

has previously expanded into Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 2017.


of the primary reasons we invest in
country is to ensure we truly understand the local
market and culture. We hire staff already experienced in construction where
possible and bring in our experts from the global business to support the
expansion. This in-depth product knowledge and Procore experience is a catalyst
for our business and increases the value we
provide to our customers.

excited to have a presence in the UK and Ireland alongside the growth we’re
experiencing, and we’ll be investing further into the market off the back off a
successful first year. We’re here to stay and look forward to continuing to
partner with our UK and Irish customers, new and old.”