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    Civil engineering apprentices power ahead with new team development experience

    A Midlands-based civil engineering company gave its
    apprentices a unique opportunity to develop and thrive together, in an environment
    that draws on military, business and engineering perspectives to fine-tune team

    Whitehouse Construction put seven of its apprentices through
    a unique development programme at The Dragonfly Team Synergy Centre, a new
    facility which provides forward-thinking organisations across the region with
    access to pioneering team development opportunities.

    The apprentices, aged between 16 and 21, took part in a
    day-long programme which saw them tackle command exercises, think differently,
    plan effectively and take part in bespoke indoor activities.

    Focused on health and safety in the workplace, the day
    formed part of their on-going training to develop into the next generation workforce
    of the future.

    The programme was geared up to meet the specific needs of
    Whitehouse Construction.

    Josephine Ewart-Sear, a Director of Whitehouse Construction,
    based in Ashbourne, and operating across the Midlands region, said: “Our
    directly-employed, civil engineering tradesmen and women operate in highly-complex,
    process-driven environments, with tight controls and procedures.

    “The Team Synergy Day was designed to bring health and
    safety to the forefront of our apprentices’ thinking to meet the demands of
    these environments, both now and in their future careers.

    “We invest significant resources to ensure our
    multi-disciplined teams have the training and development to work to the
    highest levels of safety and competence.

    “Apprenticeships are important to the business as they
    enable us to develop our own people and training new entrants ensures we will
    serve our client base well into the future.

    “The team development day allowed us to bring our values to
    life and show the impact of working together and the benefits of collaboration.

    “It also helped reflect to the apprentices the importance of
    a two-way dialogue between themselves, their leaders and mentors in sharing
    health and safety best practice.”

    Located at Ednaston Park, on the outskirts of Derby, the
    Dragonfly Team Synergy Centre has been developed by Army Colonel Adam
    Fraser-Hitchen and former Army Captain, Amanda Foster.

    As Chartered Engineers and, in the latter part of their
    careers, business development strategists through their consultancy Dragonfly
    Directors, they have both drawn on more than 60 years’ experience, from
    barracks to the boardroom, to create the facility.

    The outdoor all-weather command exercises are designed to
    challenge participants and encourage them to develop a mindset that values
    problem-solving, parallel thinking, planning and collaboration.

    Amanda, Managing Director, said “In the military, command
    exercises are used to develop teams and also to assess and fine-tune leadership

    “The apprentices at Whitehouse Construction got involved
    from the outset, and in just one day, it was clearly evident how the team
    developed and grew stronger as a unit.

    “It’s great to see people come together and take part in
    activities that deliver immediate benefits for the greater good of the team and
    the business overall.

    “This is a team day that creates a culture of collaboration
    from the word go, with skills that can be injected into the workplace
    immediately and remain of value for the longer-term.”

    More details about the Dragonfly Team Synergy Centre can be
    found at https://dragonflyteamsynergy.co.uk/