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Why entrepreneur Charley Kish created the Promeasure tool

Charley Kish was having a total nightmare. And it was one a
lot of us have experienced. He had a project that needed a lot of measurements
and things were not going well.

 “I had brought in
some builders to renovate my house. Every day was a struggle. Hardly any of the
rooms are a normal square design. To work out how many tiles they needed they
measured again and again. They calculated it and I they were wrong on every

Time and again these mistakes were made, causing the project
to go over time and over budget. The incident inspired Charley to find the
perfect solution and that is why Charley is the creator of Promeasure, a
revolutionary tool designed for the construction and interior design industries
as well as for DIY enthusiasts.

“The roofer climbed up on the roof and told me the amount of
roof tiles I needed and was completely wrong and he cracked my gutter in the
process so then he needed to measure it. His mate had to hold a piece of wood
to stop the laser from his measurer at the correct point. Both of them were
three floors up on two ladders. I thought: ‘There must be a quicker, cheaper
and safer way to do this.’”

One day Charley was in his local and decided to make a list
of all the things he would want in a measuring tool. The list turned into a
sketch on a scrap of paper. Charley worked with his team for months to turn the
all-in-one measuring tool he had in his mind from dream into reality and the
Promeasure was born.

“I saw the need for a point-to-point measuring laser,
meaning when it comes to working out the dimensions of a room, you can
calculate the total CBM, measuring the width, length and height. I knew it
needed to connect to a phone app so it could save all of the measurements.”

The features are too numerous to name here but they include
such highlights as a laser with 60-metre range, a roller-wheel sensor, tilt
sensor, voice broadcasting plus point-to-point, continuous, volume and even
Pythagorean measurement capabilities.

Having received very positive feedback from professionals,
Charley envisions the Promeasure as a time-saving essential for the kit of
every builder and DIYer. Perhaps, also a life-saving essential too. The
construction is one of the worst industries for workplace fatalities and
serious accidents and top of the list of causes is ‘fall from a height’,
according to the RoHS.

“Falls from ladders whilst doing work at home are also a lot
higher than they should be. Promeasure has so much to offer but to me, the
safety aspect is one of the best things.”

The Promeasure certainly has a lot to offer and it retails
for a cheaper price than equivalent products that don’t offer the amount of
features the Promeasure possesses. Charley’s dream is now a reality and let’s
hope his invention can change things for the better.

Promeasure will be available from February for £300 from https://promeasure.co.uk/