Bouygues bans small angle grinders from all sites

    Bouygues has banned small diameter angle grinders from all of its sites in a bid to cut down on accidents.

    The contracting giant is now working on a safer angle grinder with German power tool specialist Fein which will be introduced on sites next year.

    The current Bouygues site ban applies to all angle grinders with a diameter of less than 230 mm.

    The contractor said they were “one of the world’s best-selling but all too often misused hand-held power tools.”

    The new angle grinders being developed will not start without a disc guard and have compulsory two-handed operation.

    Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bouygues Construction, said: “The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority wherever we operate.

    “Because nothing justifies taking risks for our site workers, we decided to work with Fein to co-develop the first very high safety angle grinder on the market that is both efficient and completely adapted to our requirements.

    “We are proud of this innovation which will benefit all of our sites, and we are delighted to work with a partner who will enable us to help the sector progress in its practices.”