How to sustainably renovate your home this summer

Taking time out this summer? Or perhaps just making use of the lighter evenings? Either way, it can be a great time of year to renovate the home. And sustainability is now the order of the day for many Brits when it comes to sprucing up where we live. So, if you’re thinking about a DIY project over the next few months, how can you make it kind on the planet? Here are just some ways you can do that – and, at the same time, transform your home to your liking.

Look at renewable energy

Like all of us, you may be watching your rising energy bills with concern. You might also have already been looking at how to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. One possible route to do this is to discover your renewable energy solutions. A ground source heat pump, for example, could take on the job of your gas boiler when it comes to heating your home.

How about installing solar panels on your roof to reduce your reliance on the National Grid? It is a big project in the short term, but it could equally be worth looking into the costs. After all, a self-sourced and renewable form of power is both kind to your wallet and the planet. If little else, it can prove to be a great long-term investment in your home’s green credentials.

Reclaimed wood products

Looking at renovating a specific room? If you need inspiration or have a specific style in mind already, reclaimed wood can make a real difference. Flooring, furniture or finishes – there’s a lot you can do with lumber products that need a new purpose. Instead of letting that wood go to waste, it finds new use in your home and reduces the demand for freshly cut wood.

Even if it’s purely a case of aesthetics, reclaimed wood has a timeless charm about it.

Eco-friendly painting

A sure-fire way to get the colour you prefer is to use paint. It livens up old walls and surfaces that need a dash of vitality. And it also means you can put a bit of your personality into where you live. Of course, it can be a challenge when some paints are made from products that don’t leave a great mark on the planet. Thankfully, there are solutions out there.

Look for paints that contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And be careful not to fall for any paint that claims to be VOC-free – this simply doesn’t exist.

Upcycle old furniture

One other top tip for your sustainable summer home renovation is to give new life to discarded or unwanted items. It could be an old table, shabby wooden pallet or anything else that’s only facing a trip to the rubbish tip otherwise. A bit of handicraft, a splash of colour and an eye for potential is all it takes to upcycle something forlorn into something special.

The only limit on what’s possible is your imagination when it comes to upcycling. So, why not make it part of your renovation plans and save at least one thing from landfill this summer?