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    Best Regions for Construction Startups

    1. North East

    • Regionally,
      the North East has the smallest percentage of construction companies
    • Just
      6% of the region are employed in this sector – which is 2% lower than the
      national average.
    • But
      despite the North East’s construction industry being much smaller than
      other regions, it shares 12% of the area’s turnover across all industries.
    • From
      a wider outlook, it also contributes 3% to the British construction
      turnover – showing the area it has plenty of room to grow, too.

    2. Scotland

    • Construction
      only accounts for 16% of the area’s turnover across all industries – which
      is 2% lower than the UK average.
    • More
      construction workers are also needed to address Scotland’s housing
      shortage, which means there is little competition.
    • Official
      figures from the Scottish government show that the economy grew by 1.3% in
      2018, which proves that there is profit potential.

    Interested in the
    full findings? https://www.workweargiant.co.uk/blog/best-region-to-start-a-business-in-each-industry/