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    Awards and cash prizes for Survey School’s top graduates

    The highest performing students on the
    TSA Surveying Course at The Survey School, were announced at the annual
    graduation ceremony at Worcester Racecourse.  

    The hard work of 23 students on TSA
    Surveying Course 45, 46 and 47 was celebrated, with four graduates named as
    this year’s prize winners for outstanding achievement. 

    All the prizes are based on assignment
    results, exam marks and the overall observations of the tutors. 

    The recipients of the Best Student
    Award, the CICES Best Assignment Award and the RICS Best Measured Building
    Assignment Award are all employed by Laser Surveys Ltd, a TSA Member company
    since 1996.

    sponsored by The Survey Association (TSA) and Leica Geosystems, the Best
    Student Award went to Samuel Grimes. 

    Tutor at The Survey School, Andrew Crumpler commented, ‘’Sam has done
    extremely well on all aspects of this course. 
    He has the mathematical ability, coupled with the theoretical
    understanding and the ability to realise this in the field.”

    by TSA, the Vice-President’s Award went to Jessica Hurp of Evolution Surveys
    Ltd, who was commended for her attention to detail, her care and the hard work she
    put into the course.

    students were in the running for the Chartered ICES prize for Best Assignment,
    with Zoe Hundley of Laser Surveys Ltd winning out for her consistently high
    standard of work and producing ‘a model’ Block 3 Intersection and Resection

    RICS Best Measured Building Assignment required students to produce a measured
    building survey with floor plans, an elevation and a cross section.

    Alexander Cox of Laser Surveys Ltd drew
    high praise from his tutors for the level of detail

    included in his elevation and the first-class standard of his

    Sue Stewart, Director at Laser Surveys Ltd commented, “We are
    so proud of Zoe, Alex and Sam and their brilliant achievements. The awards are
    in recognition of the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that they have put
    into their studies over the past two years.

    “The TSA Surveying Course encompasses the core knowledge
    required for surveying today and gives an excellent base to enable them to grow
    their technical and practical skills even further as they progress their

    The Survey School has trained some 400 students to
    a professional standard since the TSA Course in Surveying was launched, nearly
    20 years ago and is recognised by industry and employers as the UK’s premier
    commercial training centre for the education of land surveyors.  

    Successful completion of the TSA Surveying Course
    counts towards AssocRICS membership.

    Block 1 of TSA Surveying Course 52 commences on 9
    September and places are still available. For details and booking information on
    this and the shorter technical courses on specific topics, see the School’s
    website. www.surveyschool.org.uk 


    Caption: From left, TSA President
    Adam Bradley with Best Student Award winner, Samuel Grimes.

    Caption:  Graduation Day 2019 at The Survey School.

    For further information, interviews or images
    contact Ruth Badley pr@tsa-uk.org.uk