Aarsleff Awarded Foundation Contract at Newhaven Port Development

    Aarsleff Ground Engineering have been awarded the piling
    contract for a new aggregates processing plant at Newhaven Port in East Sussex.

    The development will see a new aggregates processing plant
    at the Brett Group’s Newhaven East Quay site. The location of the plant will enable
    ships to unload aggregates which will be turned into building materials. The new
    plant will also make use of the recently redeveloped Newhaven Marine Sidings,
    allowing products to be transported via road and rail.

    Aarsleff’s piling works include driving 752no. 300mm precast
    concrete piles of up to 37m lengths for a new storage area and conveyor system
    to be built. Aarsleff will also install 6no. 339mm diameter piles up to 40m
    lengths to support a hopper crane on the dock side. Chris Glenn, Aarsleff
    Ground Engineering’s piling estimator, talked about the conditions and reason
    for the pile lengths,

    “The ground conditions at Newhaven Port consist of clayey
    fine sand and soft chalk, which means we have to drive piles down to depths in
    the region of 37m to obtain the required loads. We plan to utilise a crane to
    install the steel tubular piles for the hopper crane due to site constraints
    and poor ground conditions.”

    Aarsleff carried out previous piling works at Newhaven Port,
    with the installation of 166no. precast concrete piles for new fuel tanks and
    steel tubular piles for two Davit crane bases back in 2017.

    Aarsleff’s Managing Director Kevin Hague said,

    “It is great to be working at Newhaven Port with Brett
    Group on their new aggregates processing plant. We have a good working
    relationship with Brett from previous projects, and I hope that it’ll only
    continue to strengthen.”

    Aarsleff expect to commence works on the 24th
    June using two of its Junttan piling rigs to install the piles over a 10-week

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