4 Ways Modular Homes Could Help Overcome the Housing Crisis

    1. They’re
      cheaper then tradition builds, yet higher quality. Prices start at
      £25,000, which is 11% of the UK’s average house price.  
    2. They
      can be built quicker – modular homes can be built in three days
      whereas the average traditional build takes 32 weeks. This would make the
      governments housing goal by 2025, easier to achieve.
    3. Poor
      weather can’t hamper construction as the buildings are
      manufactured inside factories. This also reduces the number of days that
      work can’t place due to rain or snow.
    4. As
      modular homes are manufactured on a production line, workers only need
      to be semi-skilled,which not only makes the job more
      accessible but will also help overcome the current declining workforce in

    With 1.2 million
    households currently on the housing waiting list, modular housing could offer a
    quick-fix by providing good-quality accommodation at a faster rate, and all
    whilst reducing government costs.

    The Decline of
    House Building Since the 1970s

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