3 ways to promote your construction firm online

    The rise of digital has dissolved
    location-based barriers for construction firms, providing ample opportunities
    for reaching a much wider clientele.

    But with any man and his dog able
    to set up a website or listing for their construction firm, just how do you
    ensure that yours is top of the list when people are searching for and
    shortlisting reputable contractors?

    The answers lie in these three
    effective ways to promote your construction firm online.

    1. Blogging

    Long gone are the days where
    blogging was a hobby for budding writers looking to connect with people with
    similar interests. Nowadays it’s the lifeblood of a business’ digital strategy
    that can help your website secure a high Google ranking.

    As a construction firm,
    reputation is everything, so use blogs to show off your knowledge and expertise
    to customers and build a positive perception of your brand.

    Your blogs put the customer first
    by focusing primarily on providing answers to the problems they’re facing. Do
    this on a regular basis and your blog will become required reading for people
    in your niche.

    No one will know your industry and
    construction firm better than you, but if crafting copy isn’t your strong suit,
    consider hiring a content writer from a copywriting platform such as Copify, who can write and/or edit your blogs to a
    professional standard. 

    • Video

    We’ve all heard the saying “a
    picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s true – visual content allows you to
    show rather than tell people how great your construction firm is. This makes it
    a highly effective tool for building trust with consumers.

    For example, you can use photos
    to show the stages of a successful construction project you’ve undertaken and
    prove that your work is of the highest quality. Alternatively, you can use
    video to inject more life into your customer testimonials by recording satisfied
    clients singing your praises and post it on your website and social media.

    If a video camera is tool you’re
    not used to working with, get in touch with a visual communications agency such as SNS Group and let their expert team create a fantastic
    video for you, whilst you keep busy on the building site.

    • Social

    Social media gives you direct
    access to your audience, which means you can avoid waiting aimlessly for them
    to land on your website.

    Here you can charm them with your
    blogs and visual content and include links to your site. So find out which social media platforms your
    target customers are using, set up profiles on a couple, post useful company information and
    engaging content on a regular basis and you’ll be onto a winner. 

    Think of your construction firm
    as a living breathing person on social media and don’t be afraid to inject a
    bit of personality and interact with customers by replying to their comments
    and messages. In doing so, they’ll come to view you as a friend and be more
    likely to pay for your services and remain loyal to your brand.

    Follow our advice and you’ll soon
    have a dedicated and engaged online following to support your construction