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Should you consider a Basement Extension?

From adding extra storage space to whole new kitchens, your basement could add extra value to your home as well as living space.


  • You don’t lose any external space when you gain basement space
  • In urban areas, basement conversions add value to homes
  • Securing planning consent for basement conversions is generally easy
  • Basements are naturally more soundproof than regular rooms, a helpful feature for terraced or semi-detached houses.
  • The extra room can free up space in the rest of the house
  • Can be completely self-contained with its own entrance


  • The job is complex and can be disruptive if you’re are creating extra headroom to your basement
  • Annual inspections of drainage are needed
  • Can be disruptive to neighbours whilst work is undertaken
  • Possible unforeseen problems
  • Some basement rooms can require all artificial lighting

As space is at a premium in London, a Basement Extension can be a different option to enlarging and adding value to your property.

W and T Building services are a leading specialist in basement extensions in London, get in touch to find out more about life below ground level.

Extensions still good value

The property market in London has been going through some changes lately so now is a good time to extend, especially if you’ve had your property some time. Moving house is extremely expensive, especially when you take into account Stamp Duty and VAT.

A study of Energy performance certificates and a report by The Office for National Statistics, The Land Registry and Hamptons Estate Agents concludes that in areas where demand is high an extension will still add value to your home.

With the market unsettled in London it makes sense to stay put and make the best use of your current property. Your local building specialist can help you make the best use of your budget and take into account the local property market, so for a free quotation on a Loft Conversion in North London call us today.

Crown Paints

Crown Paints have added a new paint to their range, specifically designed to combat the problems caused by condensation.

The new paint has been formulated to deter the growth of mould and bacteria on painted surfaces. Available in both matt and eggshell finish it is hard wearing and can be washed regularly, making it very suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

The paint is ideal for areas where hygiene is paramount due to its antibacterial properties.

If you are planning the redecoration of your bathroom or kitchen in Kensington talk to W & T Building Services who are based in Barnet and work regularly in the area.

New housebuilding pledged

The new Chancellor Philip Hammond looks likely to announce a £3billion pound fund to help encourage small and medium size developers build more urgently needed homes.

As a country we have consistently failed to build enough homes to meet demands for several years and the housing crisis is becoming more critical. Experts agree that a minimum of 250,000 new homes should be built each year, and ideally 300,000 to tackle the chronic shortage.

In the Queen’s Speech in May 2016 the Government committed to building 1,000,000 new homes by 2020.

The housing market in the UK is very difficult with demand far outstripping supply so it is hoped that as more homes come on the market there will be new first time buyers available and also existing home-owners interested in moving on.

Interest rates in the UK are the lowest they have been and seem set to stay that way for some time, so if you are considering a major refurbishment or renovation on your home it could be the perfect time. For all building developments and renovations in Fulham and West London, call us today.

With land at a premium the need to cram as much as possible into a small space is forcing architects and developers skywards.

Redevelopment often means moving upwards which is what is planned for 1 Leadenhall, currently occupied by Amazon. Plans have been approved to demolish the existing 7 storey building and build a new 37 storey tower, 183m high in the same space.

The project is due to start later this year with completion sometime in 2019.The proposal is for 51,500 sq ft of retail space housed on the first three floors with 538,000 sq ft of office space on the 35 remaining floors.

The desire to build tall buildings has been around for centuries – you only have to look at the pyramids – but the technology to build ‘normal’ buildings has only really been available for the last 125 years. In 1891 the first 16 storey building was erected in Chicago, in order to achieve the height the walls at the base need to be 6 ft thick. The Woolworth building built 22 years later in NewYork was the first true skyscraper at 242m tall. This was only possible due to changes in the building technique and the use of a steel skeleton. This was the main factor that revolutionised the industry, allowing buildings to become taller and taller. It was only 18 years later in 1913 that the world’s highest building was erected – The Empire State Building in New York City a massive 381m high. It was to remain the highest office building in the world for 41 years, and in 2000 there were still only 6 other buildings that exceeded its height around the world. If you are planning a Loft Conversion in North London call for a free quotation today.

The technology boom has produced a plethora of skyscrapers around the world as designers and architects push the boundaries constantly to see what can be achieved.

W & T Building Services

A listed building in Leeds has recently been protected from penetrating damp by the application of a new masonry protection cream developed by Safeguard Europe. The cream was applied to the terracotta facade of the building by brush and roller. The cream has been granted BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification which guarantees its effectiveness as a masonry water repellent for 25 years. The cream works not by blocking the pores of the brickwork or masonry, but by lining them, which prevents rain from entering but still allows water vapour to escape. Once dry the product is not apparent and matches the original finish of the area affected. To contact a builder for Renovations in Kensington call 0208 444 5352

There’s never been a better time to improve your home

Planning red tape has been drastically cut to allow people to extend their properties with less hassle, particularly in the London area. Moving home can cost anything up to £12,000+ and the upheaval can be considerable, especially if moving schools is involved. If you’ve been considering a Loft Conversion in Chelsea call the quality Builders in Highgate on 0208 444 5352.

Loft Conversions

If you are considering a new kitchen, kitchen extension or Loft Conversion in North London, Kensington or Chelsea, W & T Building Services have the expertise to help you turn your dream into reality.

The kitchen is often at the heart of any home. A place for the family and friends to congregate, watch TV, do homework or have an informal dinner. Installing a new kitchen has the added benefit of increasing the value of your home, in the region of 4%. With over 12 years of experience installing kitchen and kitchen extensions in the North London area you can be sure of top quality job. Call 0208 444 5352 for a free quotation.

New Research Helps Local Authorities Justify Housing Spending

Local authorities in London are using information received from the recent BRE Trust survey to justify increased spending on housing refurbishment and making improvements to the homes of society’s most vulnerable. The survey has found that 15% of London’s homes are classified as “poor housing” and the results of this can be costing the NHS millions of pounds.

The main costs to the NHS as a result of these issues are respiratory and cardiovascular problems as well as treatment for falls and other injuries. According to Simon Nicol, the BRE Housing and Energy Director, it is estimated that the cost to the NHS of these issues is around £56m per year. But if other factors are taken into account, such as lost work days, insurance costs and energy use, this figure could rise to a staggering £140m.

The information attained from the study has enabled the local authorities to use real data to back up suggestions that poor housing is a major cause of poor health. Mould, damp, structural defects and exposure to cold can often cause a whole array of health problems. Even mental health issues such as depression and anxiety must be taken into account as well.

The research data can be used by not just local authorities. It can also prove essential to health professionals, property owners, landlords and private and public housing managers. It can help builders nationwide to build safer, healthier houses as well as upgrade existing properties to become the comfortable, safe places that they should be. “The findings of the research will be used to present a more informed case to government for investment in housing, on the basis that it not only improves people’s health but also saves public money in the long term”, explains Simon Nicol.

The study also shows an increased number of homes with better energy saving measures such as home insulation and using solar energy. However due to rising housing prices these homes are continually being overcrowded and experiencing fuel poverty. Better functioning homes, with better insulation and fuel saving measures can help cut the cost of heating the home and reduce the amount of fuel poverty.

Due to the slightly higher number of new, purpose built and more energy efficient housing in London, the percentage of poor housing in general is slightly higher in other parts of the country. However, in London itself the conditions vary greatly between local districts and boroughs. This depends on many factors, such as the age, style of housing and the investment that the local authorities have already made in their housing stock.

Local builders can offer solutions to poor housing issues. For those in London, W & T Building Services can give information and competitive quotes for anyone especially looking for builders in Highgate or builders in Hampstead. By using a good, reliable builder, the health problems related to poor housing can be eradicated, benefitting the people, the NHS and the country as a whole.

Nationwide report 18% Rise in London House prices

London house prices have risen by 18% in the last year, according to the latest report from the country's biggest building society. Nationwide building society said the average price of a London home had increased by 18% and by an enormous 5% in the past three months, meaning the average home in the Capital stands at £362,699 which is more than double the National average. "The gap between house prices in London and the rest of the UK is the widest it's ever been, both in cash and percentage terms, overall, the southern regions have been outperforming for some time, with the result that house prices in London, the outer metropolitan and outer south-east have now surpassed their pre-crisis peaks." " said Nationwide's chief economist, Robert Gardner.

A home building boom in London

The has been a huge increase in the number of new homes being built in London, with the Battersea Power Station project being one of the largest. A total of over 26,000 new flats and houses were registered with the National House-Building Council last year, a 60 per cent rise on 2012 and also the highest figure since its records began, however, it is still well below the annual target of 42,000 and only half the 52,000 that some experts say are needed after decades of under supply. The London figures include 864 homes at Battersea Power Station and 274 flats at One Blackfriars tower which is being built by Berkeley. Rising property values, and the shortage of homes have encouraged many new developers to work up plans for residential homes, many in regeneration zones such as Croydon in West London.

The number of new homes registered with the National House-Building Council (NHBC) in the UK during the first quarter of this year has reached 31,739 – the highest level for this period since 2008.

The figure represents a significant overall 22 percent increase on last year, when 25,998 new homes were registered in Q1 2012.

The rise has been fuelled by an increase in public sector registrations of 43 percent in Q1 this year compared to the same period last year. The main drive for this rise has been the Government’s £2.2bn Affordable Homes Programme which aims to deliver 170,000 new homes by April 2015.

The NHBC statistics also reveal an enormous 61 percent increase in new houses being registered in London in the first quarter of 2013 compared to Q1 last year. The landmark Battersea Power Station redevelopment helped boost the figures as more than 800 new properties were registered during the first phase of the project.

NHBC commercial director Richard Tamayo said: “New home registrations in the UK have reached a five-year high for Quarter 1, rising 22 percent on the comparative period, boosted by a very strong performance in the Greater London area. This rise in new homes being registered – particularly affordable homes – is very encouraging news for Britain’s housebuilding industry which has been through a very difficult time in recent years. These figures may be an indication that much-needed confidence is returning to the industry, although they should be viewed in the context of overall new homes volumes remaining significantly below historic levels.”